Connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

Enable your customers to make new friends, do their best work, and establish fond memories. Your app will be their favorite place to go.

Voice and Video Calls

Private and group calling with end-to-end encryption. Relay servers give you total control over call quality and enables calls for users with unreliable connections.

Instant Messaging

Private and group messaging with end-to-end encryption, privacy lists, read receipts, photo sharing, file attachments, and hundreds of other features.

Collaborative Documents

Create and share documents. Add text and images, upload files, and draw anywhere. Make your documents private, public, or anywhere in-between.

Online Multiplayer Games

Automated match-making, invites, and in-game messaging. Sell or trade items. Manage your clan.

Built on rock solid technology

Built on the same battle-tested, standardized, open source technology that powers the world's most demanding real time services.

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